How to rank Amazon products

How to rank Amazon products onsite


Amazon – One of the largest American electronic commerce and cloud computing company which is originally based in Seattle, Washington D.C. It was initially founded by Jeff Bezos in July 1994. Being the largest internet retailer in terms of revenue and market capitalization, it is considered to be the best online shopping platform.

Amazon Sales Rank:
ASR which is short for Amazon Sales Rank is basically an indication of the acceptance of the product retailed on Amazon locale. Even though ASR has no direct effect on the retail of the products but it is somehow really important for the sellers.
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Amazon’s Product Search Algorithm A9:
This is entirely different from Google’s in several aspects. When anyone searches for a product on Amazon Online Store the results are delivered in two main steps. Relevant results are pulled out from their catalog and secondly ranking is done according to their relevancy. The three really important ranking factors on Amazon are:
⦁ Conversion rate
⦁ Relevancy
⦁ Customer satisfaction and retention.

Amazon Product Ranking Factors:
Below are the Amazon Product Ranking factors which consider the Amazon’s algorithm at the time of ranking of the products. Have a look:

⦁ Sales Rank:
Sales Rank, or in other words Amazon’s Best Seller Rank is the most important and significant ranking factors. Since, the more the sales the higher the rank will be and vice versa. Different sellers can use sales rank differently in order to achieve the sales rank number one in a specific category. ‘

⦁ Reviews gave by customers:
The voice of the customers matters a lot. Customer’s reviews are really important especially in terms of ranking. The more the positive customer’s reviews, the higher the ranking will be.

⦁ Size and quality of the image:
It is necessary for the sellers to follow the guidelines provided by Amazon on how to insert an image with your products to assure that the product listings are not suppressed. By inserting the images of 1000 x 1000 pixels the buyer can clearly zoom in and out to see the picture, which is apparently really important for the Amazon ranking.

⦁ Bounce rate and time:
It is really important to figure out the time customers spend on your page. This clearly shows how interested the customers are and how good your product is. The longer the time spent the better the product is considered. This is also quite important for Amazon ranking.

⦁ The product listing:
It is really important to fill out each and every section of the product listing setup page. The more filled the product listing page is, the better. Completing the listing along with the appropriate keywords and thorough detail of your product can make your selling rank higher. So, it is quite evident how important the completion of product listing can be.

⦁ Title of your listing:
A good and fully optimized title can increase your conversion rate which makes your ranking higher. In order to optimize your title according to Amazon, it is important that the title has sufficient and necessary keywords, is easy to read and includes 80 words or 200 characters maximum. This makes your ranking higher on Amazon.

⦁ Features and description:
Features and bullet points are really important parts of the product listing which is why they need to seamless. The bullets give an overview of the product while the descriptions give you the details which you need to know before buying the product. This means perfect bullets and description are really great for improving the Amazon ranking as well.
These are the seven points which are quite important in order to rank your Amazon products. If you want your products to be ranked higher make sure you follow these steps first.
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