How to rank products on page one of Amazon

How to rank products on page one of Amazon

If you’re like most people who wish to make money selling products on Amazon, you’ve struggled to make your products known or to attract buyers to your product pages. Amazon is a vast marketplace with 2 million sellers and 480 million products. How can any seller expect to not get lost in the expanse? Even so, some sellers seem to have an edge when it comes to sold products and good reviews. How do they manage? What aids most of these sellers is product ranking platforms like ZonRank. ZonRank is a fast, affordable way to rank your product high on the Amazon platform and increase visibility. This increased visibility and ranking result in more sales and more revenue.


ZonRank works by creating super URLs for your products, articles that market your product, white hat backlinks, and social proof. Throughout the eCommerce revolution, ZonRank has worked to create URLs that give a product high ranking on Amazon and Google. The best URLs have relevant keywords to describe your product and reflect the most commonly searched items. ZonRank ensures your products will have relevant URLs because they utilize practices like Search Engine Optimization.

ZonRank also creates exceptional, exciting web content to help you communicate your thoughts about your products. This web content entices internet users to click on advertisements which directly lead to your actual product pages on Amazon. With advertisements come more sales. Furthermore, with the optimization of white hat backlinks, ZonRank ensures your product pages receive heavy traffic by placing them on authoritative websites with many followers. Every link refers someone to your products, is legitimate, and uses domain trust.

Additionally, ZonRank has custom social media accounts to facilitate social proof. Social proof impacts how popular your products will become and what customers will think of your products. ZonRank will manually link your Amazon pages to social media websites like Facebook, Twitter, Reddit, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Weibo, and Qzone providing your products with an exceptional amount of exposure. Most people use social media, and therefore, the sites can be incredible marketing platforms.

What’s in it for you?

With a massive number of sellers and products on Amazon, it’s easy to get lost in the sea of highly-ranked pages. There is an option for those sellers who want to see their products rise to the top of the Amazon product lists with an influx of sales. Have marketing articles, white hat backlinks, super URLs, and social proof created for your products by ZonRank, and watch as your sales balloon, your product rankings increase, and you see more frequent traffic to your product pages. The platform serves business leaders who have seven-figure salaries and those who have watched business boom with their new services from ZonRank. Their platinum package is listed as $69.95 per month for all of the services described.

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