Amazon product ranking is a process which needs to be carefully undertaken to achieve the best results. Here at ZonRank, we use these steps to give you the best results in your Amazon product ranking.

Creation of Product Super URLs

For your products to be ranked high on Amazon/Google search, they need to have good URLs. Elements of a good URL include the presence of relevant keywords that describe your product and that which people are using to search products either on Amazon or on major search engines.

Super URLs – These are URL slug that Amazon uses to know which keywords users are using to search products on Amazon.

Here at ZonRank, we have long-time experience and expertise in product URLs. Over the years, we have been improving on the creation of super product URLs depending on the eCommerce revolution. We have also been keeping up with best practices in increasing product visibility such as Search Engine Optimization or SEO. This is made possible through our services.

Creation of Social Proof

It is increasingly becoming a necessary for a business to have strong social proof. Social proof is a powerful way to make people trust you, and engage with your business. As an online entrepreneur, it is important for you to be social and build a community around the products you sell in a certain niche.

Creating social proof is another step towards the success of your Amazon product, and here at ZonRank, We are experts at just that.

Piggyback on our custom social media accounts to facilitate social proof.
We manually link your Amazon products to major networking sites – Facebook, YouTube, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter, Pinterest, Weibo, and Qzone.
Cross-link your Amazon products from our your social sites.
Increase follower engagement with your products through ZonRank curated marketing methods.

Copy Writing / Article Marketing

As they always say, content is the king. It is a vital tool for you as an online seller. It enables you to communicate your thoughts, ideas, and plans with your customers. ZonRank will help product content marketing by:

Creating high-quality and engaging content with backlinks to your Amazon products
On page optimization with product super URLs
Web copy that will convert
Quality ad copy to draw attention

White Hat Backlinks

Link building is the backbone of Search Engine Optimization. With proper backlinking, your products can receive a TON of exposure. We are not like other companies that provide black hat backlinks that violates Amazon Policies.

Our links come from real sites packed with greater metrics to give you the best results. We have tons of backlinks on the website that have legitimate traffic. Our custom white hat website links are the best you can get.

We provide legitimate white hat links.
We use domain trust in backlinking.
We link your product to authority sites with great followers.
All the links send referrals to your Amazon products.

Screenshots below of our personal seller account using the ZonRank 4 Step Process

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